“A Clean Ocean”: Programme and 29 Satellite Activities of the Third Ocean Decade Laboratory (17-19 November) are now online

To sustain life and economic activity, we need a clean ocean. The Ocean Decade Laboratory provides insights into interdisciplinary knowledge and its transfer to society, policymaking and industry – for the clean ocean we want.

The third Ocean Decade Laboratory “A Clean Ocean” starts on 17 November and will bring together hundreds of participants and dozens of panellists from all over the world.

“The first question to ask is what a clean ocean actually is,” says Frida Armas, an Argentinian professor of international law participating in the laboratory. “Is it an ocean that is completely free of pollution? This laboratory is about finding a balance between a necessary economic use of the ocean and combating marine pollution at the same time.”

The question “What is a clean ocean?” is literally the first topic on the agenda of the four-hour Core Event that starts on 17 November at 4 pm (CEST).

The Core Event can be followed live after a simple registration procedure. Scientists and stakeholders will join the discussion and present various aspects of what a clean ocean is and how it can be achieved.

“We have such a big challenge ahead and working together is of utmost importance if we want to achieve results,” says Elva Escobar, professor and deep-sea expert from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. “The laboratory gives us an opportunity to bring people together.”

Panellists include top ocean scientists including Elva Escobar and Frida Armas, further stakeholders such as activist Hugo Tagholm from the “Surfers Against Sewage” interest group in Cornwall, UK, as well as representatives from the shipping industry.

The Core Event on 17 November is followed by 29 Satellite Activities which include discussions, presentations and workshops on how to reach the goal of “A Clean Ocean”. Many of the Satellite Activities showcase the various threats of ocean pollution; other topics include noise reduction, removal of marine litter, education and science awareness.

On November 19 from 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm (CEST) the laboratory will conclude with a Wrap-Up session.

The Ocean Decade Laboratory is open to anyone. Registration is possible here, a list of all Satellite Activities and the programme can be found here