An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean

The ocean is a place of wonder. It engages and inspires all those with an interest in and connection to the ocean, including current and future generations of scientists, policymakers, government officials, managers and innovators, to realise the Ocean Decade’s vision. 

Klaus Vedfelt / gettyimages

A change in society’s relationship with the ocean is needed to catalyse changes in behaviour and ensure the effectiveness of Ocean Decade solutions. Ocean literacy approaches, formal and informal educational and awareness-raising tools, and measures for ensuring equitable physical access to the ocean can all achieve change. When implemented in concert, they will expand society’s understanding of the ocean’s economic, social and cultural value and illuminate the diverse roles the ocean plays in supporting health, wellbeing and sustainable development. This outcome will showcase the ocean as a place of wonder that inspires the next generation of scientists, policymakers, government officials, managers and innovators.

Sirisak Baokaew / Shutterstock

Ocean science’s latest findings show how our oceans are changing. “From knowledge to action – from action to impact” is an innovative, agile undertaking to bridge the science-policy gap. The Laboratory uses an inter- and transdisciplinary approach to address society’s need for healthy, sustainable oceans. Looking ahead to the positive impacts of diversity and inclusivity, it empowers participants to tap the Decade’s full potential by taking sustainable action. The Laboratory highlights the key roles of co-design and innovation in moving from science to solutions, and ultimately catalyses behavioural change for a healthy, resilient and productive ocean.

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