Call for Online Sessions for Satellite Activities 2021

Please carefully read the call announcement and guidelines before you submit your proposal.

Important information

We highly appreciate your input and look forward to your ideas to become part of the UN Ocean Decade.

Applicants will need to demonstrate that they have the technical, financial, and human resources as well as logistical capacity to host their activity as part of the overall Laboratory and to carry out communications to attract participants.

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Which Ocean Decade Challenge does your Satellite Activity focus on? Many projects refer to more than one Ocean Decade Challenge. You can choose up to 3 of the following Challenges:
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Description of Satellite Activity

Please describe your proposed Satellite Activity by addressing the following questions*:

  • What is the objective of the session?
  • What kind of tangible impact has the Satellite Activity?
  • What are the direct benefits and to whom?
    • fulfilment of the objectives of the Ocean Decade Laboratory series
    • alignment with the vision and mission of the Ocean Decade
    • benefits to targeted audience e.g. number of people, number of addressed stakeholders from different organizations, gender and generational balance, coverage of time zones, geographically distribution

Please describe your proposed Satellite Activity by addressing the following questions*:

  • How are these online Satellite Activities new or transformative in comparison to what has been done before?
  • Is it a breakthrough idea or process, or a whole new way to address an issue?
  • Does it promote action and interaction between stakeholders?
  • Does it promote gender, geographical, multi-actor and multidisciplinary approach as well as generational inclusivity including those often left behind?
  • Does it seek out or create opportunities to integrate local and indigenous knowledge?
Scalability and Replicability

Please describe your proposed Satellite Activity by addressing the following questions*:

  • Likelihood that the activity will have an incubator/catalyser effect for Decade Actions or partnerships?
  • How will be social media channels and networks used to spread and communicate planned Satellite Activity?
  • Does the communication strategy offer further chances to increase the outreach of the planned Satellite Activity?
  • To what extent is your Satellite Activity replicable?
  • Is there potential to create complementarities and avoid overlap with other ocean related events?
Technical implementation

Please describe the format and technical platform of the Satellite Activity by addressing the following questions*:

  • How will the Satellite Activity be realized (e.g. livestream, pre-recorded, etc.)?
  • Which technical platform will be used?
  • Can the audience interact, are there speaker invited?
  • Is a registration for participation needed?
  • In which languages will the activity be realised?
  • Will you provide simultaneous translation and/or interpretation services into any other languages?
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