A five-minute summary of the Ocean Decade Laboratory

An Accessible Ocean is an ocean with good governance, open access to data, information and technologies. This is a challenging task that be achieved through cooperation across national borders and a system of information sharing and policy implementation that works for stakeholders across the globe.

The sixth Ocean Decade Laboratory on 10-12 May 2022 focused on these challenges as well as on the difficult task of translating scientific knowledge into concrete policies in order to tackle challenges like global warming and ocean pollution.

In this short video we take you through some of the most memorable moments of the Ocean Decade Laboratory “An Accessible Ocean”. Participants from a total of 71 countries came together for this Laboratory. In this video some of them share their thoughts on what an Accessible Ocean means to them. Find out why the management of and access to ocean knowledge is like baking a cake or cultivating a garden and how an International Ocean Space Station could help us create the ocean we want and need.

You can watch the full recording of the Core Event and Wrap-up of the sixth Ocean Decade Laboratory “An Accessible Ocean” here: