Dr. Antony Firth

Co-Chair Ocean Decade Heritage Network (ODHN) Technical Advisor, Honor Frost Foundation Director, Fjordr Ltd.

Antony Firth

Dr. Antony Firth is Co-Chair of the Ocean Decade Heritage Network (ODHN), which was established in 2019 to mobilize the cultural heritage sector in its engagement with the UN Ocean Decade. ODHN’s Cultural Heritage Framework Programme was one of the first Actions to be officially endorsed as part of the UN Ocean Decade on World Ocean Day 2021.

Firth’s involvement in ODHN is supported through his work as Technical Advisor to the Honor Frost Foundation (HFF) Steering Committee on Underwater Cultural Heritage.

Firth is a marine archaeologist whose career in this field started as a volunteer diver. Over the last three decades he has combined this practical dimension with his academic interest in legal, policy and societal aspects of marine archaeology. He has also worked extensively with the private sector, providing a wide range of marine archaeological services to industrial sectors such as marine aggregates, ports and harbors, and offshore renewables. As a Director of Fjordr Ltd., a consultancy in south-west England, Firth conducts strategic research and provides advice for public sector organizations and NGOs, addressing the many relationships between heritage and ocean policy.