Easkey Britton

Marine Biologist, Big Wave Surfer and Author

Easkey Brittona

Dr. Easkey Britton works at the nexus of science and art. She holds a PhD in marine social science and is a surfer, writer, artist and ocean leader with a deep love and passion for surfing and the sea. She has pioneered women’s big surfing in Ireland and introduced the sport of surfing to women in Iran. Her work explores the relationship between people and nature, especially in water environments.

She contributes her expertise in blue space as well as health and social wellbeing to national and international research projects. She is currently a lead researcher on the Erasmus+-funded INCLUSEA project, which aims to foster and promote greater inclusion and accessibility in surfing in Europe. Her book ‘50 Things to Do By the Sea’ has just been published and her next book, ‘Saltwater in the Blood’, is soon to follow.