Fiona-Elaine Strasser

German All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador

Fiona-Elaine Strasser

Fiona-Elaine Straßer is currently a second-year MSc student on the International Master of Marine Biological Resources, a joint program supported by the European Marine Biological Resource Centre. Her current research at the Centre of Marine Sciences (CCMAR) in Faro, Portugal, aims to investigate the impact of climate change on the golden kelp, originating in the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea.

As well as aiming to preserve highly bio-diverse marine habitats, Fiona is also passionate about understanding animal behavior and marine species movement patterns using acoustic and satellite telemetry data.

Having studied in six different countries while volunteering with various NGOs and gaining professional experience through multiple internships, Fiona has already established a broad international network.

She has a strong interest in further addressing research gaps concerning oceanic ecosystems, developing sustainable management practices and driving forward innovation for a better future. As an All-Atlantic Ocean Youth Ambassador, Fiona follows her vocation to speak up for protecting our oceans and ensuring that scientists’ voices are being heard – at both local and international level.