Laboratory "An Accessible Ocean" – An ocean for everyone

Access to information will be a key topic at the Ocean Decade Laboratory "An Accessible Ocean". By securing that ocean data is available to all we can create the ocean we want for everyone.

Globally, two thirds of the ocean lie beyond national jurisdiction and thus the authority of any single state. But these areas are home to unique species and a fragile ecosystem that need legal protection. How can we tackle this challenge together? Over the course of three days, the sixth Ocean Decade Laboratory on the topic of "An Accessible Ocean" will examine what type of policies and science structures are needed for an ideal process of sharing and gathering information on the ocean. A special focus will be placed on information management in developing countries to make sure no one is left behind.

The laboratory kicks off with a Core Event on 10 May at 2:30 pm (CEST). This three-hour session is centred around two panel discussions: The first discussion looks at what kind of knowledge is needed to support key ocean governance processes. The second round focuses on how science can support sustainability transformations. Participants can join the discussions via the interactive conference platform.

The Core Event is followed by a range of Satellite Activities that take place across the globe. They include workshops, discussions and other contributions on various aspects of ocean accessibility and are open to anyone. On the third and last day, all participants gather again for a Wrap-up session to summarize the past two days as well as offer a third panel discussion and an outlook on the future Ocean Decade Laboratories.

The Ocean Decade Laboratory is open to anyone. Upon completing a short registration process, participants have access to a digital conference platform and can participate in all events.

Registration can be done here and the programmes for the Core Event and the Wrap-up are available here. A list of all Satellite Activities can be found here.