Plain language

This article is about helping our oceans around the world

Our oceans are very important to all of us and we need them to be healthy.
Our oceans are home to lots of plants and animals. 
We need these plants and animals to live healthy lives. 

At the moment our oceans are not healthy. 
Problems like climate change and pollution put them in danger.
Climate change makes our oceans too warm and pollution makes them dirty.
This means that plants and animals are also in danger.

We need to work together to help our oceans.
We need good laws that protect our oceans.
We need to tell everybody about this problem and what they can do to help.

An organization called the United Nations wants to make sure we all do our best for our oceans.
They are calling the next 10 years the 
‘Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development’
This means that we make a promise that we will all work together
To help our oceans. 
In 10 years, we want our oceans to be much better.

There will be a special meeting called a conference
To talk about how we can protect our oceans.
This conference will take place over 3 days: 
from 31 May to 2 June 2021 in Berlin, Germany
The United Nations would like people to join in and come to their conference.
At this meeting people will be able to have their say.
People can talk to each other and find the best way to protect our oceans together. 
Come to this conference.
You can learn about what oceans need to be healthy, safe and clean. There will be experts who will talk about this.
There will be exhibitions where you can walk around and find out information.
There will also be workshops and activities you can take part in.

Would you like to take part?
Make a note of the date and sign up to our info mail by clicking the button below.
You will then receive an email with an invitation and more information. 

Would you like to say or show something at the conference?
If you have already done some work to protect our oceans, 
you can show this and talk about it. 
If you have got an idea on what we can do to protect our oceans,
you can run a workshop or activity.
If you have got any ideas for the conference,
you can tell the United Nations about this by filling out a form.