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This is the Ocean Decade

We call 10 years a decade.

The United Nations called this decade the Ocean Decade.

That means:

The United Nations and several scientists will take special care of the oceans:

  • to make the oceans clean again.
  • to take special care of the animals.
  • to highlight the role of the ocean for the global climate system.

The Ocean Decade started on 1 January 2021.

It ends in the year 2030.

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High-Level Launch

The conference of the Ocean Decade started with the High-Level Launch.

It took place on 1 June 2021 in Berlin, Germany.

Here you can read more information about this conference:

  • the program
  • the speakers
  • the moderators

Ocean Decade Laboratories

The Ocean Decade Laboratories are further events.

Here scientists and other specialists do

important work on saving our oceans.

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  • You can tell us about your work.
  • You can read more about the upcoming Ocean Decade Laboratories.


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About the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development  

In the United Nations 193 countries work together for peace and security in the world.
The United Nations has a special group called IOC that wants to look after the ocean.
IOC is the short version of Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO.
The IOC said that from 2021 to 2030 will be the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.
That means that, for ten years, the countries of the world will work together for our seas and ocean. They will learn more about our ocean so we can all look after it better.

Why do we need to do that?
The world's ocean is home to many plants and animals. The ocean is also very important to the climate system of our earth.
Our ocean is amazing and very important to us humans, too.
It is huge and strong and never seems to change. But the truth is, that the ocean is in danger.
Many plants, animals and people need the ocean to be able to live.
If the ocean is in danger plants, animals and people are at risk, too.
There is a lot we do not know about our ocean yet, for example:
•    What does the deep sea look like?
•    What wildlife is there?
•    What damages our ocean?

We must learn to understand our ocean better.
So that we can protect it.
Scientists from all over the world will work together to find out what our ocean needs.
This is called: "The Science We Need for the Ocean We Want".

To have "The Ocean We Want" we must achieve 7 targets:
1. A clean ocean.
No pollution.

2. A healthy ocean.
All sea life can live and be healthy.

3. A productive ocean.
We can gain food from the sea, but we do not take too much.

4. A predicted ocean.  
We understand our seas and can help them when something changes.

5. A safe ocean.
Protection from any dangers.

6. An accessible ocean.
Sharing information and technology so we can all work together easily.

7. An inspiring ocean.
People understand the ocean, what it has to offer and how important it is for us all.

Scientists will also work together with politicians, businesspeople, and many other groups of people. Altogether, we will learn as much as we can.
We will make plans for helping our ocean now and in the future.
This will help our planet.

High-Level Launch Event
On 1st June 2021 an event took place to begin this very important work.
The topic was: "Creating the ocean we want".
Scientists met with politicians from Germany and and all over the world.
Many other people joined in.
There were many workshops, talks and discussions about what our ocean needs.

Ocean Decade Laboratories
From July 2021 to May 2022 there will be more events happening online.
This series of online sessions is called Ocean Decade Laboratories.
People from across the world will get together online to carry on working on the 7 targets to make our ocean better.
There will be activities happening online that people can take part in.
Every event will get people together to talk, learn and make plans so we can achieve the 7 targets.
Each event will take 3 to 4 hours.
The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the IOC are organizing these events.
They are asking people to suggest activities that people can take part in.  
They want to make sure lots of different people can participate.
They want people from different parts of the world and different backgrounds to join.
They want to make sure the activities are useful for everybody who wants to take part.
Activities could be workshops, talks and discussions.
At the end of each event, people will make notes of what they have been working on and what they have achieved.
This will be presented to others, too.
You are very welcome to participate in these events.
If you want to take part in one of our Ocean Decade Laboratories, please click here for further information.

Here you can see the event dates and topics:

This event is about how we can understand our ocean better.
It can help us to understand what our ocean does for us.

This event can help us to understand the future of our ocean.
How is our ocean at the moment and what will it look like in future?

This event helps us to understand what makes our ocean dirty and unhealthy.  
We can learn about how we can stop pollution.

This event helps us to understand what the ocean can give us.
We can plan how we can take enough foods from the ocean without taking too much.

This event helps us to learn more about wildlife in the ocean and how to help protect it.

5 – 7 APRIL 2022 | A SAFE OCEAN
This event helps us to understand how we can keep ourselves safe from the dangers of the ocean.

This event helps us to understand how we can work together.
It will help us to plan how we can share information and technology.
This will make working together easier.