The First International Ocean Decade Conference reaches its second stage with the Ocean Decade Laboratories.

Keeping up the momentum of the globally perceived High-Level Launch of the Ocean Decade, the seven virtual Ocean Decade Laboratories invite us to discuss the most pressing questions relating to the ocean.

Key Visual Ocean Decade Laboratory 1

© altanaka / Shutterstock

 As an innovative platform hosted by expert groups, they will offer an unprecedented opportunity for interactive exchange about programmes and ideas from July 2021 to May 2022.

The first Ocean Decade Laboratory ‘An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean’ held on 7 and 8 July 2021 will start this matchless series of events by targeting future generations who will explore the wondrous ocean environment.

‘An Inspiring and Engaging Ocean’ consists of a variety of Satellite Activities using formats such as workshops, panel discussions and interactive lectures. They provide opportunities for dialogue, including surveys, quizzes and breakout sessions, and for building lasting networks between scientists, artists, educators, communicators, citizen science coordinators, policy-makers and decision-makers, young marine professionals and students – whatever their age, professional background or geographical origin. With the aim of ‘leaving no one behind’, they collectively explore current ocean education research because understanding how important it is to protect the ocean is crucial for humankind. This requires increased capacities, technology and techniques, especially in the marine sciences.

On our journey to an inspiring and engaging ocean, the Satellite Activities address topics such as awareness and education, diversity, collaboration, marine and coastal protection, ECOPs and even fashion.